Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friend From Home

Wednesday July 8th 2009.  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Our friends and neighbors of over 30 years, from home came up today for the weekend.  Gary and Sandy Weis.



They own a 1975 Winnebago MH.  The outside is in mint condition and the inside they have redone and looks really nice.  Their kids gave them  personalized license plates that say STUMPY.  I think it’s a fitting name of the MH.


Sandy and our son-in-law Mike.  Sandy is a what we call a character, she does have a good time where ever she is.

We had a fish fry today with lots of family and friends. 


Mike is frying the fish for us.  Notice his shirt, we stopped at the Spam Museum in Austin MN last spring and picked him up the shirt.  And yes he does eat spam. 


Dishing up.  There was 10 of us for lunch.  I think I will be exploding pretty soon, way to much good food.  My doctor wanted me to loose a few pounds, I think just the opposite happened. 

Now just a few more pictures of the grandkids.


The kids getting in the water to swim across the lake.



Lizzy and her boyfriend Drew


Brother and sister, do they look happy or what.  Okay enough of the kids, well maybe I may run across one or two more I may want to share with everyone. 


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