Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Second Day Of Our Vacation

Saturday July 18th 2009.  Nugget Lake County Park, WI

What a busy day it was, I guess we just don’t know how to relax and sit back.  Just to much to see and do.

We started the morning with a breakfast of , eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast and orange juice.  We figured we would need the energy for the first part of the day. 

P1030980 Waiting for breakfast.  Louie thinks Mike will be an easy touch for treats.

After eating we started off on a hike, it was only going to be a mile and a half, but ended up being 4 miles or so.  The park has many hiking trails with wildflowers in abundance. 

 P1030982 P1040002

 Prairie Lilly                              Spotted Knapweed

P1040006 P1040012

False Sunflower                 Hedge Bindweed, I know it as the Morning Glory

P1040021 P1040029

                                                        Common Valerian

P1040031 P1040072

     Robin’s Plantain                                      Cup Plant


Yellow Wood Sorrel

P1030995 P1040059

Rich, Louie and Mike on the Trail.  There is always a hill to climb.  Marion working her way up the steps.

P1040055 P1040035

The trail follows Plum Creek in many places.

After our two hour hike we all went to the small river village of Stockholm WI.  Population 92.  Although today the population swelled to a couple of thousand.  They were having an art fair along Lake Pepin.  Stockholm is a quaint Swedish village along the Mississippi river with lots of natural beauty.

P1040078 P1040079

The four of us had a little lunch at one of the outdoor cafes.  The town is know for it’s small shops and gardens.  They had the most lovely gardens thru out the town. 

We had grilled shrimp and a pasta that Marion made for dinner, it was so good.  Mike and I were in bed by 9:30 and sleeping by 9:35, very busy fun day. 

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