Friday, July 17, 2009

Grandchildren For Dinner

Thursday July 16.  Maplewood. MN

Yum, little children so nice a nd tender.  I try so hard to be funny and most of the time it just sounds stupid, but never fear I will keep trying.

Our daughter Teresa and her family came for BBQ ribs, homemade Mac and cheese and baked beans.  Pretty good if you ask me.  I think this is the first meal I cooked since we got home Sunday night. 


Matt and Amanda and their dad Dave.  Amanda is  19 and will be starting her second year at the University of Minnesota.  Matt is 14 and will be a in 10 grade at Woodbury Senior High School.  Our son-in-law Dave works for Lockheed Martin.  Our Daughter Teresa work at Composting Concepts, the same place I worked for 5 years.


Amanda and Stormy.

Dad had another doctor appointment this morning, I should be as healthy as he is at 83.  He had to see the neurologist for a med check, he has Parkinson's disease, but is doing very well on the medication.  After the visit with the doctor he took me out to breakfast.  Thanks dad. 

We are going camping with our son Rich and his wife Marion this weekend.  We need a vacation before we head back up to the lake.  We are going to Plum City WI.  The name of the campground is Nugget Lake County Park.  We have never been there but it is only 45 miles from the house, nice short trip.  From the pictures on the net it is pretty wooded and has nice big spaces.  Of course I will take pictures and post them. 


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