Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best Friend and Vegetables

Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Sandy Weis, my friend and neighbor for over 30 years needed a mini vacation, so she came to visit for a several days.  We sat by the campfire, talked and had lots of laughs.  When it became chilly, we headed to the MH and played Farckle, our favorite dice game.   


Al, our neighbor here at the lake has a huge vegetable garden, and he shares his produce with us. 

P1040237 P1040238

P1040239 P1040236

Al gave us some potatoes, carrots, beets and broccoli.  Besides tasting delicious they make a pretty picture.  I made cream of cauliflower soup for dinner with some of the veggies Al gave us, but it was pretty bland.  If anyone has a good recipe let me know, I would like to try it again.   

Mike is still working on the bathroom, he is now redoing on the plumbing, replacing the plastic pipes with copper.  I pretty much just hung out with the vegetables.  Vegged most of the day.

Four more days and I get the cast off.  I’m going to ride home with Sandy on Sunday.  Mike will be staying at the lake and taking care of the resort, Gordy and Jackie have business in the cities, on Monday also. 


Mike’s sunset picture for the day.

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