Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Sun and More Fish

Tuesday July 7th 2009.  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

The day started out a little slow I did some wash and cleaned the MH.  Mike washed the truck and got that all shinny.   Had breakfast at Sherry and Mike’s cabin again.  Great not having to cook and Mike is sure happy.

It was a terrific fishing day everyone caught fish. 


Drew and Liz came back with some pretty nice crappies.


Mike got a small northern and a few sunfish.  Yes he is still cleaning fish, and no more blood has been let.


Ryan and David came back with a bunch of sunfish and crappies.  Should keep them busy cleaning for an hour or more.



Drew got her in the water. The kids spent lots of time in the water today.


Liz and Drew swam across the lake again, Liz is the one out front she swam it in 3 min. and 7 seconds. We didn’t time Drew he was a little slower.  Liz swims on a couple of swim teams and practices twice a day.  When Drew came up he told me he couldn’t swim, and then he takes off across the lake.  Trying to be funny.


 A wine and cheese party on the pier at David and Joan’s cabin.  This is cabin 8 and is part of the resort but across the bay from the main part of the resort.  You can see the resort in the background.

It was an enjoyable day spent with friends and family.  The pier is a perfect place to host a small get together, and spend a lazy afternoon. 


Gordy and JaBig Balsam Lake July 2009-1ckie, the owners of the resort.








We also had a birthday cake.  Not really anyone's birthday until next week, but I guess we just like to celebrate early and besides they are all leaving on Saturday.  Birthday people David Lizzy and Bill from Wisconsin.  


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