Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating The 4th Of July

Friday July 3rd 2009.  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

The resort celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd.  Saturday is change over day, guest leave at 9:00 AM, the new arrivals start coming at 3:00 PM.  Friday had to be the day.

The morning started with the boat parade at 11:00 AM.  Boats from all over the lake lined up in front of the resort and we circled once around the pond.  Big Balsam is a good size lake, takes about 45 minutes to circle it.  Most everyone had their boats decorated for the festivities.


Mike and I had fun decorating our little boat.





A shot of just a few of the boats, everyone did such a good job of decorating. 


All along the parade route we had people on the docks waving and having a good time watching the display of boats.


This was quiet a site, a pair of loons with their babies. 

Later in the afternoon we had the picnic.  Gordy did the fish on the grill and everybody brought a side dish.  Their was tons of food and boy was it good. 


The guys on Al’s deck helping Gordy do the cooking.  Gordy is the guy in the center of the picture.  I think there was a little drinking going on.  I believe I saw pictures of margaritas being passed around.  


It was a perfect day with perfect weather. After the picnic most of the people headed to the beach, and had a great time in the water. 

Big Balsam Lake July 2009

At the end of the day, Gordy had a small fireworks display.  Saturday evening he will have the main event.

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