Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Days Just Keep Getting Better And Lumber Jack Days

Monday July 6th 2009.  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

What can a person say about a perfect day, this is the best summer we have ever had, and we have had some pretty good times. 

Give a couple of guys a chain saw and they can make saw dust and piles of fire wood.


Last year Mike did some cutting of the trees behind the campground, and now him and Mike are trying to finish up the project.


That’s our son-in-law Mike driving the chain saw.  It gets very confusing when you have two Mikes in the family.  They worked on the undertaking for a couple of hours today.  They still have a few more days of work to finish it up.


Sherry and I had our own thing going today, we were working on some beading.  Just so nice to sit outside and enjoy Mother Nature.


Lizzy and Drew enjoying the water on a warm afternoon.  We don’t see much of our grandson Ryan, if it’s daylight he’s in the boat fishing. 


David made BBQ ribs for dinner tonight, and they were fall off the bone delicious.  Lots of food and a couple of great desserts. 


The girls after dinner.  Sherry, Me, Joan and Jackie.  A perfect ending to the day.  Is that a wine bottle in the middle of the picture, where did that come from.  I do try to throw a little humor in here and there. 

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