Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Is What Retirement Looks Like

Sunday July 26 2009. Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Mike is tearing into another bathroom, his favorite room to work on.  If you follow our blog you know last year he remolded another bathroom in one of the cabins.  This spring he redid the bathroom in our house, a job that took 3 weeks longer then it should have.  Nothing went right and to many obstacles in an old house.  But he got it done and it looks really good, I almost wanted to move back into the house.



I think Mike is praying to the bathroom Gods for Devine intervention on this job.  He has to be finished by Saturday as the cabin is rented. 

My left arm that I had the surgery on is doing great, my right arm with the torn rotator cuff is getting much worse.  I have to use it for everything and boy is it sore.  In fact I’m using the left arm now, and typing with just the left hand is very difficult for me.  My post surgery appointment on the 3rd of August is also when the doctor will decide what to do with the rotator cuff, surgery or cortisone shot.   I will be very thankful when everything has been repaired and in working order. 

It was a perfect day at the lake, the sun was shinning and the fish were biting.  The guest were coming in with some pretty good size fish.  I started a new book and visited with our neighbor Carol.  She has lots of hobbies and enjoys reading, we always have something to talk about.   


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Chasingthe70s said...

I did stuff like that BEFORE I retired. Now I sit with a Margarita in hand.

Hope he has better luck on this one than he did on the other one.