Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Watson Lake To Whitehorse

Wednesday June 21th 2012


Mike talked to this young man at the gas station he had driven up from Mexico. 

P1100599 P1100601

Always road construction.  The highway had a wash out.

The Nisutlin Bay Bridge and the Village of Teslin Village of Teslin

The Nisutlin Bay Bridge is the longest water span on the Alaska Highway at 1,970 feet.  The village of Teslin is on the other side of the river. 

Whitehorse our first mechanical problem, the hydraulic jacks (they level the MH when parked) on the motorhome.  Not a big problem but the hydraulic tank reservoir sprung a leak.  It holds a 1.4 gallons of fluid and it was leaking pretty fast.  We get to our home for a few nights, the Wal-Mart parking lot, and Mike starts taking it apart.  At first he thought it was just the O ring so he removed it and in the morning we went hunting for a replacement, found one after a couple of stops. Mike puts it back together and the leaking does not stop, he discovers it is the reservoir.  Gets that removed and finds a welder to braise it.  Mike can fix just about anything it’s just how much grease and grime he is going to get on him, well a quart of transmission fluid isn’t to much is it, there was no saving his clothes, in a bag in the trash they went.  Love that man.

P1100616  .P1100614 

Yes that is Steve and Mike with a cart full of girls.  We sent them shopping at Wal-Mart and this is what they come back with.  Actually the girls were on a scavenger hunt for old farts, well that’s not exactly true, they were on a scavenger hunt, Mike and Steve asked them what they were up to.  So I got a few pictures. 

We really have been pretty busy and writing this blog is interfering with that and our happy hour, but mostly we have to wait and find internet service. 

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