Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Muncho Lake To Watson Lake

Our last night at Muncho lake we had a double rainbow, wow how many times do you get to see a double rainbow. 


We left Muncho Lake at our usual time about 9:00, no early risers in the group. 

P1100495 P1100522

P1100540 P1100547

The sign said it all.  We ran into a few heard of buffalo on this stretch of the Alaska Highway. The buffalo seemed much darker in color then the ones we have seen in the Black Hills of SD.

P1100507 P1100515

P1100513 P1100524

It was another great day for wildlife viewing.  The moose hard hard to catch on camera, they are a more skittish then the bear and stone sheep.  I thought the stone sheep were eating grass on the side of the road but they are licking the chemicals off the surface of the road.

P1100549 P1100510

Muncho Lake to Watson Lake 

More beautiful scenery.  So much beauty in this part of the country, it’s just unbelievable.  We passed thru Liard River Hot Springs, but nobody was in the mood to take a dip. 


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