Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dawson Creek Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway

Tuesday June 12, 2012

Mike and I at in Dawon Creek BC Mile 0 Post Dawson Creek BC

Dawson Creek is the start of the Alaskan Highway built in 1942-1943 by the US Army.  We took a walking tour and visited the Alaskan Highway museum.

The mile 0 post has become one of the most photographed markers on the Alaska Highway.  The first wooden Mile 0 Post was stolen by Halloween pranksters and replace with an outhouse. This

post is metal and is bolted in place.  


Walmart in Dawson Creek 

Mikes dream set up for his truck.  The boat is on a trailer,  he has to hire a fork lift or crane to lower it to the ground.  Of course if it was Mikes he would have a hydraulic lift for it.

P1100271 The Alaska Hotel and Pub

Mike and I stopped in the Alaskan Hotel and pub, all the sightseeing can really make a person thirsty.  I think Mike wants to be a bartender in his next life

P1100262 P1100261


I’ not sure how many murals are in the town, but you can walk down just about any alley and find one.

The Parade Mural Dawson Creek Parade

Dawson Creek Parade, it portrays a 1958 parade celebrating Dawson Creek becoming a city.

We just pulled into a visitor center with Wi-Fi, not sure when we will find it again. 


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