Saturday, June 2, 2012

A River Home Companion

Sunday May 20th 2012

Our Minnesota family will be familiar with this title, close to our A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.

Concrete Theatre 

Sunday evening we spent at the Concrete Theatre watching and listening to a live radio show.  The price of a ticket was $10.00 and we got $10 dollars worth the entertainment.  Instead of Garrison Keillor we had Harrison Wheeler (Steve Denzel) as our host.

P1090986 A River Home Compainion

The Lyman Sisters  Mim Ambrose, Corrine Roos, Naomi Rumpff P1100002

The Lyman Sisters were part of the entertainment for the evening.  The second picture I don’t even remember taking it or why, but I like it, so you get to see it.

The Concrete Theatre originally opened in its current location, 45920 Main Street in Concrete, WA, in 1923, after two previous buildings that housed the theatre burned to the ground. Its past has been colorful, with the screen featuring silent films and ‘talkies’, and its stage hosting boxing matches, school and church performances, live music and amateur theatre.

The movie “This Boy’s Life” starring Robert De Nero, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Barkin was filmed there in the late-1990’s. Tobias Wolff, author of the book by the same name, lived in Concrete as a teenager.

Lake Tyee were we are staying is just the friendlies resort.  Most of the people are still working so are here on weekends only.  We have had some fun happy hours with the people here.

P1100049 Sandy and Steve, Andrea, Karen and Gary, Mike

Sandy and Steve, Andrea, Karen and Gary, and Mike

It’s Andrea’s lot we are staying on.  She owns a couple of lots and lets guest stay on the empty lot.

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