Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicken Alaska

Thursday June 28th 2012

Our first stop in Alaska was Chicken, everyone stops in Chicken, not sure why but is a must do.


Population of 23 in the summer, 7 in the winter, 3 commercial businesses.  Chicken was supposedly named by early miners who wanted to name their camp ptarmigan, but were unable to spell it and settled instead for chicken, the common name in the North for ptarmigan.

The best place to stop is Beautiful downtown Chicken which is the second stop in Chicken.  There is no city water, sewer or electric service in town. Generators and outhouses are used here. 

P1100994 P1110013 P1100996

You have to love the chicken poop, so cool.


Santa comes to town in a chicken sleigh.

P1110002 P1110005 P1110006

Everything in Chicken is chicken related, go into the gift shop and you can buy anything to do with chickens.  The saloon was not open when we got here but you could leave a hat for them to hang.  Mike missed a chance at being bartender here. 

P1110010 P1110020 

We only spent an hour or so here but we sure had a good time.  It was off to Tok for the night.  Mike sure makes a cute eskimo

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