Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slowly Making Our Way to Alaska

Monday June 11th 2012

A light rain at the Casino gave us a beautiful rainbow at the end of the day. Mike was lucky to be outside to get the picture.  While at the Casino we were able to get on line, they had free WI-FI in the lobby of the hotel.

P1100134 Leaving P

We left Prince George at 10 am.  Prince George is the 4th largest city in BC. 

The scenery in BC is wonderful, so many trees, rivers and lakes.  Many of the small towns we drive thru are not thriving any better then the small towns in the US.   It’s really sad to drive into the cute little towns and see everything boarded up and for rent and for sale signs.

P1100140 P1100146

Our destination today is Whiskers Point Provincial Park on Lake McLead only 85 miles out from Prince George, Mike and Steve Plan on doing some fishing for a few days.  This little store just up the road from the lake is doing well. 


A monument for Fort McLeod 

P1100144 P1100171

The campsite backs up right to the lake. 

Mike's best side. P1100162

Mike and Steve McLeod Lake BC P1100186

Mike’s best side.  The boat takes off right at the campsite.  Mike caught a nice rainbow trout the first night and Steve caught a fish the second night.  (sorry Steve didn’t see your fish). 

Mike cleaned his fish and we had it the next night for dinner, well not really for dinner it was not big enough for everyone so we had it as an appetizer.

P1100171 The campsites at the provincial park are wooded and  have views of the Lake.  We plan on spending 3 nights here just enjoying the quite and wildlife, so far just some red  squirrels, but maybe we will get lucky on see something a little more exciting. 


What a way to close out a perfect day.  This is taken from right outside r door, can you imagine a better way to end the day.  Talking about days they are really getting long now.  The sun starts to raise about 4:30am and it doesn’t get dark until midnight. 

That was our three days here at Lake McLead Provincial Park.  The fee per night is $16.00 no  hookups, but they have water spigots throughout the park.

I did get an email from a friend asking how the mosquitoes are, they are in abundance large as hummingbirds and healthy and replenishing their blood supply everyday.  Pretty much like in MN.



Bobbie and Salvatore said...

Been enjoying following along with your trip and reminiscing on ours! Your sunset photo is beautiful!!! We truly LOVED all the Provincial Parks that we stayed at along our way north! Sounds like you are too. Continue to travel safe and have fun!

Tourism PG said...

Sandy (and Mike),

You are capturing some great moments so far on your trip! It looks like you are enjoying all that BC has to offer. We hope you your stay in Prince George went well and that you had a good time in our parks :) Please let us know if you return, we will do our best to make your stay even better next time.

Safe travels and take care!

Tia Kelly
Tourism Prince George

A Daughter said...

NO WAYYYY! Papa actually CLEANED a fish? I do not believe it!! I have never seen him clean a fish in the 20+ years we have been fishing together at the lake.