Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dawson City To Tok Alaska Top Of The World Highway

Wednesday June 27th 2012

Yes 23 days on the road and we made it to Alaska, what a fun time getting here.  I’m so glad we decided to go to Alaska this year, we have been putting off for 5 years now.  My dad always told us do it while your young enough to really enjoy it, and enjoying it we are.  I’m as excited today as I was our first day out.

We left Dawson City without a full tank of gas, and why would we do that, well gas was $6.03 a gallon and if you know Mike he thinks he can run on fumes.  He did fill a 5 gallon gas can just in case.  Yes we ran out of gas and had to put that 5 gallons in the MH and it did get us to Chicken AK.

What a trip the Top Of The World Highway is, most of it unpaved narrow windy with the usual washboard ruts, and no shoulders and pretty much one lane. 

  P1100898 P1100907 P1100915

The road started out pretty good and we thought, oh this isn’t as bad as everyone says, oh yes it is and worse, but it was fun.  This little fellow was hitchhiking his way to Alaska.  I wanted to stop and give him a ride, you all know what Mike said…….


P1100916 P1100923 P1100933

The center picture shows the dust from a vehicle in front of us.  The MH had more dirt in it then it gets in the desert.

  • P1100937 top of the world highway 

Every once in a while you get a short distance that has a little blacktop on it.  The second picture is the top of the top of the world highway.

Border crossing from the Yukon to Alaska P1100948 the highway on the US side of the border

We crossed the border with no problems and no snakes.  Going thru the gates to Alaska, as you can see the gravel turned more yellow in the US.


P1100950 P1100962 DSC_0018

P1100964 DSC_0022

It was certainly beautiful here at the top. 

P1100969 P1100971 P1100984

It was 108 miles from Dawson City to Chicken Alaska and no problems with either Mh.  I would say it was a good time had by all.



Road construction even on gravel roads.

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