Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 2 On The Road To Alaska

Tuesday June 5th 2012

We left Chilliwack at about 10 am drove north east on Hwy 1, which is also called the Cariboo  Gold Rush Trail, for 31 miles, then headed north on 97.  We were not sure how far we were going to travel, but hoped to make it to 100 Mile House.

The Start of our day  P1100068

Pretty much we traveled in the rain on and off all day.


I wanted to stop at Bridal Vail Falls for some pictures, but the weather was not cooperating, and we just didn’t want to get that wet. I did get a picture as we passed.

P1100074  P1100082

The first hour of the trip we saw at least a half dozen falls, all beautiful.

In or near the town of Hope BCI spotted the wood carvings along the river in Hope BC, another small town on our route.

Yale Tunnel P1100087

Yale Tunnel the first of 7 tunnels northbound through the Fraser Canyon.  The scenery is dramatic as it winds through the Canyon.  There are dozens of pullouts along the highway for photos


The Fraser River.

Elvis Rock the Canyon Cafe BC

I found Elvis in the Elvis Rocks The Canyon Caf√©.  Really not sure if he was in there, but I thought I heard music coming from inside as we drove by.

P1100112 P1100102


The roads were in good shape most are better then the US.  As far as straight goes no such thing up here, S turns U turns hair pin turns up the mountain down the mountain.  Oh and you travel no where in the world without some road construction. The construction going on here is a gabion wall for avalanches and rock slides.  Mike built a few when he was doing road construction. 


We passed 100 Mile House and landed at Lac La Hache Provincial Park for a total 251 miles, more then enough for one day.  Somewhere along the way we stopped in a small town, were Mike and Steve got their fishing licenses for BC.

Soup for Dinner at Lac La Hache Provincial Park  Our Campsite at Lac La Hauche Provincial Park North 100 Mile house

We thought we would have time between rain drops to have dinner outside, soon after we started eating the awning on the MH came out and we all moved under it. 

What a great day it was.

June 6th 2012

Oh boy more rain, on and off all day.  Mike and Steve did get a little fishing in later in the afternoon.  I went for a couple of walks around the park, and we played some Mexican train.  That was our day.  In the morning we will hit the road again and hope to find wi-fi to post the blog.  



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