Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fort Nelson to Muncho Lake

Sunday June 17th 2012

We spent Saturday night in an IGA store parking lot.  Found internet access at the visitor center  caught up on our email. 


IGA parking lot Fort Nelson

It was a wildlife frenzy day, 11 black bear one small moose and a couple of stone sheep.  One of the black bear ran right in front of us, that got our blood pumping.  Some of the bear were pretty good size and a few cubs.  The moose didn’t know enough to get out of the road, he was not sure what direction to go, he ended up in the river.  The stone sheep and her baby were grazing on the grass in a pullout.  What a day.

P1100335 P1100364


P1100416 P1100424

P1100426 P1100428


This little fellow was quite the swimmer. 

The Stone Sheep are indigenous to the mountains of northern BC and southern Yukon Territory.  They are darker and smaller then the Bighorn Sheep found in the Rocky Mountains, and they are sometimes mistaken for mountain goats, which are not found in this area.

I wish I could post all the pictures of the amazing scenery, but you would get tired of looking at them all, I have a bunch.

P1100410 P1100411

I just loved the name of this town, and what a place to live beauty all around. P1100399 P1100392

From lush green mountains to rocks cliffs, around every corner was a surprise.



Muncho Lake is were we are staying.

P1100447 P1100450

Our campsite overlooking the lake and the guys unloading the boat.   DSC_0013 P1100488

The state flower for MN is the Lady Slipper, I have only seen it in pink, this is my first yellow Lady Slipper.  Fields and fields of Lady Slippers.

P1100468 P1100465

Mikes sunset pictures.  Muncho Lake Provincial Park is the prettiest so far.  

P1100487  P1100479

The first picture is taken from our MH looking across the road from our campsite.  The other one is of Stormy and Lucy in the morning, Lucy must have been pretty cold, she cuddled under Mike’s pillows. 

Just click on any of the pictures to enlarge it.

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