Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Working and Eating

The guys have been working on Howies’ 5th wheel. Some bolts broke off on the upper inside.


Everybody just pitches in and gets to work. Howie are you sure they know what there're doing?


Charles, Steve, Mike and Howie.


Somebody had to supervise the crew.


Sandy and Steve's dogs, Rhythm and Yoda. Cute little Papillions. They had to get into the mix too. The guys had to love the audience,

After all the work it was time for dinner, we all went the the Grubstake Bar and Grill.



The food was okay, the waitress was something else. We order a large platter of appetizers, but you can’t have plates to serve them on. You just have to reach and grab. She was not the most friendly waitress I ever had, by far. No personality at all, a bit of a snip. But we managed to work around her and had a great time.


Mike ordered a heart attack on a plate, a 1 pound burger with 1 pound of cheese on it.


He’s not sure how your suppose eat this thing. He eventually figured it out and ate about half. No cooking for me today we have plenty of leftovers.

Very cold and windy today. I think it got to a high of 58, pretty sure there was a wind chill factor.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Great photos today! Didn't recognize Howie with his haircut. Miss you guys.