Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold And Windy

I guess this is what we get for laughing at our family and friends back in Minnesota with all the cold weather.  It’s only been in the low 60s the last few days and very windy.  It should start to warm up Thursday, back to the 70s.

Sunday night we had a pot luck dinner and invited some people that started full timing in 2008.  So much good food.  Nancy made a popcorn salad, I had never heard of it, or had anyone else.  Everyone was intrigued by it and it tasted fantastic.  I got the recipe, can’t wait to serve it. All the food was great yummmm.


Charles always the comedian.  Mike and Norah setting up the tables. 


You think Howie is ready to eat, spoon and fork in hand. 

As you can see we all have on jackets and sweatshirts, a bit nippy. 

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Hay, how about posting that popcorn salad recipe for the rest of us to enjoy? It is warm here but Friday suppose to get down to low 20s at night. We get your weather a couple of days after you. Miss you mucho. Bobbie