Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Days

Went for another walk and found a few more interesting things.  Skunk Hollow is one of the washes you can stay at, in the Imperial Dam area.


Skunk Hollow has a liberry, that is not my spelling it’s spelled that way on the Air Stream trailer that houses the library.  They have a very nice selection of books.  P1010101





People do the wash and hang it out.  Pretty sure they do it by hand. AP1010097 little more work then I would be willing to do.  I like the good old fashion way, we go to the laundry mat once a week. 


Another area is called Hurricane Ridge, which is just down the road from Skunk Hollow.  Here we found a 3 wheeler, not really a motorcycle and not a car, but a little bit of each.

P1010085  P1010086

It has a steering wheel and front tire just like a car but the passenger sits behind the driver,  and no top it is open like a motorcycle.  They call it a Stallion and is made by Thoroughbred Motorsports out of Texas.  Now comes the best part you can own one for a mere $30,000. 

South Mesa is our home here at Imperial dam.



As you can see from this picture the water in the reservoir has gone done considerably.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Dang, I don't think it is the same one, but we saw one of these Stallions about two weeks ago at a biker's cafe in Nobelton, FL where we went canoeing. Could it be the same one?