Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quartzsite AZ

Monday we moved from Imperial Dam to Quartzsite AZ. a 60 mile drive on highway 95.  Not really a highway a 2 lane road with no shoulders and lots of dips and pot holes.

Our last night at Imperial was spent with friends


Charles, Nancy, Steve and Sandy.  Oops what happened to Nancy , missing.


She went to get the pie she baked.  A lemon meringue, made from scratch using real lemons.  Now this impressed Mike considerably. 


Our last sunset at Imperial Dam.


When we arrived at Quartzsite we parked by friends we had met last year at the 2007 gathering, Howie and Nora. It was great seeing them again.  Nora teaches anthropology  classes on line for a University.  She is pretty busy during the day, but she makes time in the evenings to get together with everyone. As you can see from the picture Charles and Nancy are here also.


Mike was making supper this evening, fajitas, Yum he did a great job and we all enjoyed the meal.


Our first evening in Quratz we had a beautiful sunset.

Tuesday morning we got up early to watch the new president being sworn in.  I had to see everything.  Would it not have been great to be their and see it in person.  History was made today and I was happy to be able to at least watch it on TV.



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