Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year In Benson AZ

We only have a few days left here at Benson.  We leave Monday, Mike has a few stops planned on our way to Imperial Dam, not sure yet what they are.  I think we are taking a tour of the observatory in Tucson. 

Mike and Steve played Texas holdem last night here at the club house. Guess there were about 15 people playing.  He didn't do to well, lost his $5.00.  Steve stayed in a little longer then Mike.

Stormy is loving it here at the park, Mike takes her for walks on her leash.DSC_0116  

And sometimes he takes her for a drag.


We found new playmates for Stormy right here on our lot, 2 baby rabbits.  She just about goes nuts when she sees them out the door.  If were not watching her out the screen she goes.  Mike has repaired the screen many times. DSC_0122


The Temps are still in the 70s and sunny.  Boy do we love this weather.  I'm feeling much better, hope to spend most of the day outside. 

Love you all

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Sandy. Yes, this 80 degrees in Florida is marvelous as well. Going on a canoe trip this afternoon with Paul, Connie, Trish,Joe, Marcia, Molly and Bob. Want to come along?
Jim and Bobbie