Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Another Day At The Dam

The weather has not changed, still in the high 70s and sunny.  Who could ask for anything more.


Steve and Charles are making sure our chicken gets done.  Nancy and Sandy are in the background keeping an eye on them.

P1010081 Medjool Date Trees.


A couple of days ago we went to the Imperial Date Gardens, and I purchased some  fresh dates, and Mike had a date shake.  You know he loves his ice cream.

Here in the Imperial Valley they grow Medjool dates.  They claim they are the worlds best dates, not sure if that's true but they are really good.

Thursday Steve, Sandy, Mike and I went to Algodones Mexico. Sandy made an appointment with a dentist for next month, and I got a pair of prescription sunglasses. 

We stopped in a small restaurant for a drink and chips.  We sat in the court yard and enjoyed our drinks.  


When we finished and were ready to leave Mexico about 1PM we had no idea what was waiting for us.


The line to get through customs was 2 hours long.  Never have we had to stand  in line that long.  We got back to the Dam and started happy hour.


We had company for happy hour, friends of Steve and Sandy’s came to visit with their dog Clancy, a Australian Terrier.  Clancy was just 4 months old and pretty wild and cute as could be.  He was  to much for Stormy to handle she spent the evening in the MH


Have a great day, and to our family and friends back in MN stay warm.  We are thinking of you. 


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