Friday, January 23, 2009

Quartzsite Yacht Club For Lunch


The population in Quartzsite I think is around 3500, until the RV’ers show up in the winter. Then it goes into the hundreds of thousands. 

The Quartzsite Yacht Club is a bar and grill located on the main drag here in Quartz. It is well-known among RV’ers and motorcycle groups for it’s desert-maritime atmosphere and opportunity to actually join the Yacht Club.  As the saying goes ,”Welcome Aboard….Long Time No Sea”!

Here’s the main attraction.  You can join the Quartzsite Yacht Club for $25.00and become one of the over 6800 members. 



We had our lunch on the patio.  Hamburgers and fries.  They were okay nothing special, but the atmosphere is wonderful..

P1010107  The Yacht Club has been around a long time, burned down once, and is now a main attraction in town.  In the 70’s Al Madden bought the bar, formerly known as The Jigsaw.  He had a sense of humor and decided to call the bar The Quartzsite Yacht Club.  It’s the only yacht club in the world located in the middle of a desert with no body of water in sight.

If you like the horses they have Off-Track-Betting. Live music on the weekends and Karaoke contests.  P1010108  Inside the bar and restaurant.

Another fun day on the desert.  Tomorrow we go to the Desert Bar, about 60 miles from here in the middle of the desert.  The bar is run on solar power.  Open only on weekends during daylight hours.  More about that next time.  No we really don’t spend all our time in bars. 


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