Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve (Benson AZ)

The day started just great, I cleaned the MH, went to Walmart  shopping with Sandy.  We put the groceries away and went to a beading get together here in the park.  About 30 ladies get together on Mon., Wed., and Fri. for beading and socializing. Lots of fun.

About 5:00 Charles and Nancy stopped by, they are staying in a park in St. David just a few miles from Benson.  We stopped last fall in Nevis MN to visit then at their lake.  Had a really nice visit.

About 7:00 we started to get ready for the party then things started to go bad.  I came down with the flu.  I won’t go into the details, but it was not a fun evening. Needless to say we stayed home. I do feel better today still have stomach cramps and am very week, but I think I will live. 

Here are some pictures of the lot we are staying on in Benson.

DSC_0108   DSC_0111


We are staying at SKP Saguaro Co-op park. The lots are really large and only $15.00 a night, most places charge between $25-$35 per night.  The lots are privately owned, when the owners are gone they rent them out.  The building on the lots are called casitas, and only the owner have access to them.

I hate to say this for our family and friends in MN but the temps are in the 70s and sunny.  


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Jim and Bobbie said...

Sorry about your being ill, Mike. Oh, boy, isn't being in warm weather absolutely wonderful? Florida is warm also. Miss you guys. Travel safely.