Saturday, September 29, 2012

Leavenworth Washington

Tuesday September 18th 2012

A little Bavarian town in the Cascade Mountain Range  We went on a Tuesday and not much going on, just about every weekend,summer and winter, some festival or another is taking place.  Icefest, Accordionfest, Maifest,, Kinderfest, Oktoberfest, all kinds of fests.

I was here almost 20 years ago with my girlfriends, LeeAnn, Sandy and Peggy, to visit my son Rich who was in the navy at the time, I liked it then and even more today.  

The Park in Leavenworth WA Flowers everywhere in LeavenworthTown Square in Leavenworth Washington

Town square with flowers blooming like crazy the middle of September. 

DSC_0095 DSC_0091

Leavenworth was once a little logging town that was teetering on extinction, and through a committed community the town became a Bavarian Village. 

Leavenworth Washington DSC_0099P9180306

No the first picture is not upside down, the tree is hanging from the ceiling.  I have a friend, Sandy Weis, that has a least 30 trees in her home at Christmas time and a few are always hanging upside down.  The last 2 pictures is a tree in a bowl, snow comes out the top of the tree falls into the bowl and is recycled.  That was my favorite, I would have liked to have that tree but it was over $400.00  You guessed it the town is full of gift shops and restaurants.  Put me in a Christmas store and I can go nuts.

Lunch at King Ludwig'sLunch at King Ludwigs Leavenworth WA P9180308

We eat lunch at King Ludwig's, a glass of wine and spaetzle, German dumplings,  with onions and parmesan cheese.  Not sure what Mike was looking at, but I think he really enjoyed it.

After Lunch Smoke from the Forest Fires in eastern WA DSC_0109

When we walked out of the restaurant the wind had changed, and the smoke from the fires burning in eastern Washington was pretty bad in town.  I have never been close enough to a forest fire to see and feel the effects of the smoke. 

I have to get a hand like this for the MH

Love the hand holding a bottle of wine, I think I need one for the MH, not the hand but the wine.

Living our dream one day at a time.


Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

$00 for a tree? You can buy a nicew salmn rod for lots less!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Very interesting blog post, Sandy. Really enjoyed it.