Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back At Lake Tyee And A Day In Seattle

We arrived back at Lake Tyee, with Steve and Sandy.  We wanted to decompress a little before heading south.

Mount Baker  DSC_0022

It was a warm sunny day and a little road trip was planned.  We went to see Mount Baker just a few miles from Steve and Sandy’s place at Lake Tyee.

Our next adventure was to the big city of Seattle, and Pike Place Market.  I had been there about 20 years ago, the place has not changed.  There still throwing fish around the fish market.

P9100079 P9100082Pike Place Market

The guys in the band were only 12 years olds last time I was here. 

P9100071 P9100073

Getting ready to throw the fish in the first picture and the white X in the middle of the second picture shows the fish flying across the counter.

P9090053 P9100064

I love crab legs, no we didn’t buy any, forgot to bring a cooler with us.


Check out the prices of some of the seafood.  I have never tried Halibut cheeks, but we bought some frozen when we were in Alaska.  The squid and octopus yummy.

P9090057 P9100068P9090058

I bought a head of the broccoli rahanesco, never heard of it and really weird looking, not bad tasting, I would not buy it again.


Lunch at the market.

P9090049 P9090052 

Mike and his sweet tooth, after lunch you need desert.  No drooling on the counter.


Does the pig have lipstick on ? Does Mike have lipstick on?  Why would he kiss a pig?


That was our day at the market.


What's wrong with this picture?  This was on our way back to Lake Tyee, a truck is being towed, but driving down the freeway at first glance sure looked different. 

Another fun day of adventure.



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