Tuesday, September 25, 2012

San Juan Island

September 11, 2012


The San Juan’s consists of 4 Islands and are part of the state of Washington. 

Sandy, Steve and I went to San Juan Island, we left Mike home to recover from something.  We hopped on the ferry in Anacortes at 8:30 and arrived on the Island about 10:30, landed in Friday Harbor.  We went as foot passengers, we were just spending time at the harbors many gift shops, I did add to the economy of the Island, found a few things I just had to have.



Our first stop was the Whale Museum.  In 1979, the Whale Museum became the first museum in the country dedicated to the life of whales living in the wild. The building that houses the museum was built in 1892.  The Islands are famous for their resident pods of Orca Whales.

The San Juan’s hosts the greatest concentration of bald eagles in the continental United States.  We didn’t see any but I read they have them, I think it was the wrong time of year.

We had a very nice lunch on the Island before heading back to the mainland.  It was a warm sunny day, so we could eat down by the water and sit outside.

P9110118 P9110123

The view from the restaurant.

The two main attractions are Sea Kayaking and Orca Whale watching by boat or air tours.  We were there only a short time, we didn’t have time for either. 

It was a fun day in the sun. 

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