Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Following the Cassiar Highway Jade City, Dease Lake And Telegraph Creek

August 17th thru the 19th 2012

P9170005  P9170009P9170010

Not really a city more of a highway community made up of the jade business, we watched a jade cutting demonstration while here.  The Cassiar Mountain range supplies 92% of the worlds jade.  Most of the jade exported to China and then the items they make with the jade are imported back to the US.


Mike was fascinated by the electric rototiller.

P9190206 P9170012 P9170019 

We spent two nights at the Waters Edge Campground on Dease Lake.  The wild flowers were everywhere is was just a lovely place.

P9170018 P9170021P9170022P9180035 P9180033P9180038

Our campsite was right on the lake, the guys really didn’t get much fishing in, but we sure enjoyed our evenings around the campfire.

From the campground we took a side tour to Telegraph Creek which was built in 1921 and not improved on since then.  Settlement of the are grew with the discovery of gold on the Stikine River in 1861.  Efforts to establish a transatlantic telegraph line also brought attention to the area in the 1960s. 

The scenery along the narrow gravel road is remarkable, with views of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine River and Mount Edziza.  The road is only 70 miles long but takes at least 3 hours to travel one way. 

P9180040 P9180051P9180055

Guard rails were not found on this road. 




As you see from the GPS the road was really windy.  The Tuya River.



P9180099 P9180103 P9180109

The First Nation People hold some of their ceremonies near this rock, it is a scared area for them.  The day before we were here they had a wedding take place on the shore of the river in front of the rock.  We spent some time here talking to an elder of the First Nation.

P9180119 P9180123P9190187

More views from the road to Telegraph Creek.

P9180129 P9180130P9180158P9180140

Mike and I love to go into old churches and this one was very nice on the inside.  More places for Mike’s sister to choose from, my favorite is the house that need a little work done on the roof.


We met these guys toward the end of the road, very friendly, they came right up to the open window of the car.

Another wonderful day on the road.