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Pemberton BC and Nairn Falls

Thursday August 30th 2012

Pemberton is on highway 99 north of Whistler.

The only way into Pemberton until the mid 1960’s was by foot, horse or rail. Electricity came to the valley in 1951 and telephones in 1958. We came by MH, the road wasn't bad just very windy with switchbacks and very steep grades. I drove the truck and Mike the MH, we did have one problem our new parking brake we had fixed in Washington on our way up went out. Mike got the MH so we could drive it but I have my old job back of chucking the tires EVERYTIME we stop.  We will be stopping in Centralia on our way down the coast. 

 P9020005Inukshuks in Pemberton BCP8290063

The rock formation on the right is a Inuksuk, a stone landmark built by humans.  This one on Pemberton cost $12,000.  If you move here you can not plant potatoes, they developed the first commercial virus free potato seed in North America.  

P8310111 Nairn Falls Provincial Park P8310119

Another wonderful provincial park in British Columbia.  We went for a walk first thing in the morning, you could  smell the bacon frying, hear the pancakes sizzling and the smell of maple syrup was in the air.  Oh what a place to be.  We spent a couple of days here just a few miles north of Whistler Ski Resort.

P9020018 P9020019

Nairn Falls is just a short walk, a little over a mile, on pretty ruff terrain. 

Nairn Falls DSC_0008 P9020015P9020014

Inukshuks DSC_0070 DSC_0069

We spent an afternoon in Whistler, home to the 2010 Winter Olympics.  They have more time shares in Whistler then they do in all the rest of the world, my opinion only.

P8300068 DSC_0083 P8310083

We took the peak to peak tram to the top of the mountain.

DSC_0065 DSC_0067DSC_0068DSC_0069


The views riding in the tram and at the top of the mountain were amazing.  Do I use that word amazing a lot well on this trip it needed to be used more than a few times..

P8310093 DSC_0081P8310104

Mike and I and a couple from Russia, which of course I can not spell their name, but were very nice to talk to.  They spoke pretty good English, Mike had a hard time understanding them, but then here can’t really hear or understand anyone. 

P8310085 P8310105


Extreme  mountain biking is a big sport on the mountain in the summer.


P8310074P8310090    P8310075P8310078

There are a couple of very large lodges on the top of the mountain with restaurants and gifts shops.  Most of the town is gifts shops very touristy. 

The Sea to Sky highway going south out of Whistler is a just as steep so once again I drove the truck and Mike the MH.

We crossed the boarder on Sept. 3 Labor Day, the guards asked the usuall question and we were home free.

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