Monday, September 3, 2012

Tok To Destruction Bay

August 12, 2012

We headed out early, for us, to get to our next stop for the night Destruction Bay.


Please let me drive, I can do it.

P9120114 P9120117

The roads were bad, not as bad as some we have been on, but this motorcycle driver lost control and dumped his bike, no one was injured, they picked it up on were on their way.

P9110112 P9120123

Crossing the boarder from Alaska to the Yukon Territory.  No snakes Carol and Sherry.

Tok to Whitehorse P9120125

When I first spotted the police car I thought it was real, but no just a speed trap in the Yukon. 

P9120137 P9120140 P9120141

The grizzly was nice enough to stop and pose for some pictures.  He got bored with us and strolled off into the brush.  Alson taken from inside the MH.  

P9120146 P9120150 Smoke from a forest fire

The day started out pretty sunny but then we saw a forest fire in the distance, we heard they got it under control in no time at all.  Most of the scenery pictures are taken out the front window of the MH as we are driving so sometimes they may  be just a bit blurry. 

P9120163P9120164 destruction Bay Yukon Territory P9120174

I wish I could have that scene out my window every morning when I woke up.  We spent the night along Destruction Bay in a pullout  just off the highway for the night. 

8 P9120187

Soldiers summit  monument across the highway from out night camp, dedicated  to the soldiers who built the Alaskan Highway.

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A Daughter said...

Thank Heavens!! Glad your past the snake bit. Cool Pic's!!! happy Birthday!