Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hazeltons And Totem Poles

August 23 thru the 26th

We spent 4 nights in this area just catching our breath. We have traveled from Apache Junction AZ to Hazleton BC for a total of 8700 miles. 

The Hazeltons consist of New Hazelton Old Hazelton, South Hazelton located on the Buckle and Skeena Rivers in Northern BC.



The visitor center in Hazleton had a nice display of the history in the area.

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This area is rich in First Nation History we were told there are about 100 totem poles in a 50 mile area of the Hazeltons.  Some of my favorites and a new one being carved to replace one that deteriorated.

P8240003 P8240005P8240004


The Hagwilget Bridges. The Hagwilget Canyon on the Bukley River is one of the most photographed spots in Canada.



As you can see Mike had no problem relaxing in the sun, and we did have some beautiful days here.


One more picture of a bear across the river from us. 


This is also the area where we split with Sandy and Steve, they headed back to Washington for appointments and we stayed behind for a few more weeks. 

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