Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visiting With Friends In Lakewood Washington

Thursday September 20th 2012

We stopped for a few days to visit with friends, Joan and David, who we met about 5 years ago at Big Balsam Lake in northern Minnesota.  If you follow our blog you know we spend most of our summers fishing and doing a little work camping for Gordy and Jackie Davis who own the resort. 

Dave and Joan's house Lakewood WA

A little driveway camping, luckily their driveway was just long enough for us to fit in.  It was late when we arrived, we got set up and visited for awhile and then off to bed. 

Lunch in Tacoma Duke's P9210005Firefighters Memorial

Friday we went driving around checking out the Tacoma area and stopped for lunch,at Dukes along the ocean.  It was to cold to eat on the deck so inside it was.  We all had some form of clam chowder and a salad, everything was delicious.  Next to the restaurant was the Tacoma Fallen Firefighters Memorial had to check that out.

Dalias  P9210021

Driving around we spotted this house with all the dahlias, I have never seen so many flowers in one yard. 

Friday night David grilled some of salmon Mike had caught in Alaska, he cooked it on a cedar plank and was it melt in your mouth good. 

Saturday Mike and David went to David’s gun club and shot holes in paper, Mike really enjoyed killing the paper, he brought it home for me to check out.  Joan and I just hung out at the house while a did some laundry.  It was nice to just relax.

Sunday morning Mike and David went golfing, Mike got his first birdie.  He hasn’t golfed in years and was never a avid golfer once every 5 or 6 years maybe.  He came home a happy man.

P9230023  P9230025

I wish I could tell you his score but the guys he golfed with don’t keep score, they just have fun.

After the golf game we had to leave, we had an appointment in Centralia, just 50 miles south of Tacoma to have the parking brake fixed at Brazel’s RV Performance, on Monday morning.  David and Joan followed us down to Centralia so we could have dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, La Tarasca.  Mike and I love Mexican food and this was exceptional, the food was fantastic and the owners were so friendly and helpful with ordering.

After dinner it was time to say goodbye to our good friends, but we will see them next summer at the lake.

Monday morning at 8 am Brazel’s started work on the parking brake, it had sprung a leak, and we lost all the air pressure.  Mike also had them do some work on the front end, align it and put some part in to keep it aligned.  Love that parking brake no more getting out every time we stop and chuck the tires. 

We spent one more night at Brazel’s in their RV park with full hookups, and it’s free, well not really free, probably  one of the most expansive sites we ever stayed in.  It was $500.00 to have the work done on the front end. 

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