Friday, October 19, 2012

Glad We Did It, Will Never Do It Again In A MH


Highway 1 on the California coast was not built for a 38 foot motorhome pulling a truck.  The views were breath taking and so were some of the switchbacks and hairpin turns, many times we had to stop and let oncoming traffic go by.  We would do it again in a heartbeat in a car. 

PA060380 PA060382 PA060383


I could post hundred more pictures, but this gives you a good idea of how beautiful this area is.

 Ocean Cove Campground PA060410 PA060424

Our campsite at Ocean Cove, $20.00 a night, no hookups, the view was well worth the money. 


PA060399 PA060430PA060470

I was up early, it was a perfect morning, no wind just a light breeze and the temp was mild.

PA060452Fog coming in

Then the fog started rolling in, that was pretty cool, never saw that happen before.

Pelican Ocean CoveBuzzard at Ocean CovePA060469

A little wildlife, can you call birds wildlife?  A pelican and buzzard posing so pretty for me.  Stormy thought she could pose just as good as the birds.  I think she had other things on her mind with the birds.

PA060470 PA060474

Ocean Cove campground had the it factor for us, no amenities, but oh the views.

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