Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Oregon Coast to Brookings Highway 101

Sunday September 28th, 2012

When we left McMinnville OR we drove to highway 101 on the coast.  There is a million state parks, beaches, and state recreation sites. 

P9270037 P9270053

We passed through many small towns going down, stopped at many beaches and just had a grand time exploring.

Mike on the beach in Florence OR The beach in Florence Or Wind and fog coming in

As you can see it was a little foggy and the sand was blowing pretty good.

The beach in florence OR

P9280069Sand Dunes

A restaurant in the town of Florence, with classic cars on the roof.  The sand dunes in Oregon, I was not aware they had sand dunes along the coast of Oregon.

P9300078 P9300091 P9300092

It is very rocky along much of the coast line. 

P9300095 P9300124 P9300126

We had to stop at Humbug Mountain State Park.


It took us two nights to follow 101 down to Brookings.

Our friends Joe and Mary, who are our neighbors in the park in Apache Junction, live in Whaleshead Resort in the summer.  Whaleshead beach is right across highway 101.

Whaleshead Resort Brookings Oregon PA030264

Our Campsite at Whaleshead ResortJoe and Mary's place in Whaleshead Resort

Our campsite at Whaleshead resort and Mary and Joe’s place. It is a beautiful resort overlooking the ocean.

Mary and Joe had dinner for us our first evening with them lots fun and laughs.  We spent a couple of days exploring the area and getting laundry done,

PA030273 PA030274PA030278

The rock formation is what the beach is named after, looks like a whales head coming out of the water.


You know I love the water and any chance I get I’m in it, by the time we left here I was wet up to my thighs and I loved every minute of it.

Lunch in Brookings Oregon Fish and chips for lunchThe harbor in Brookings Oregon

We had fish and chips for lunch at the Sportshaven Marina in Brookings.  The food was very good and the atmosphere even better.  Have I told you how much we love to eat outside on decks or what ever.


The Tsunami hit the marina in 2011 and did some pretty good damage.

 PA020185PA020210 PA020190

We spotted at another beach in the area, there were three of the fattest squirrels you have ever seen..  There are signs asking please don’t feed the wildlife, but I guess the squirrels really were not wild.  And besides the looked so cute begging.


PA020182PA020253Brookings Oregon

Check out the whirlpool in the second picture. 

We left Oregon on the 4th of October time to move on. 

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Bobbie and Jim said...

We so enjoyed our trip along Hwy 101 in Oregon last year. We stayed at a lot of Elk's Club RV Parks. I'm with you, I love the water and think eating outside on a wharf is the best. Great photos, Sandy!