Friday, October 26, 2012

Napa Valley California

Sunday October 14th 2012

Who can be in wine country without going to Napa Valley and visiting a few wineries, not me. 


Another warm sunny day perfect for doing some sightseeing.  Miles and miles of grapes vines, in Minnesota we have corn fields, I like the grapes way more then the corn.

V. Sattue winery is a small family owned winery operated by the fourth generation Sattui family.  They have been operating since 1885. 

PA140361 Sterling Vineyards Sterling Vineyards

The grounds at all the wineries were landscaped to the T.  Flowers and topiaries everywhere.  We spent most of time walking the grounds at the wineries.  Tours of the cellars at most of them are between $25.00 to $125.00 and you pay for the tasting of the wines. 


There was no charge to see the cellar at V Sattui. 

PA140352 PA140363

What a setting for a picnic, many of the wineries have picnic areas, some let you bring in food others you have to buy there’s.

Napa Valley PA140365 

Our second stop of the day was Beringer Vineyards.  We stopped at vineyards that we have actually drank their wines, made it a little more interesting.  I know many of you are thinking we could have stopped at them all because we probley have tasted most of the wines, not true.  

A little wine and cheese Beringer Vineyards PA140376 Beringer Vineyards

We had a little wine and cheese while watching the dancers and listening to the band.  We spent some enjoyable time here, talking with the people.  Beringer’s allows you to bring your own food for your picnic, nice place.

PA140394 PA140369 PA140397

Once again the beautiful landscaping, it’s a place you would love to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Next was lunch at the Culinary Institute of America, built in 1889.

Cullinary Institute of America Kitchen CiA

The castle looking exterior is a contrast to the modern interior with it’s gleaming kitchens.

PA140411 PA140414 After Lunch

I don’t care where you are in Napa Valley the views are amazing. 

For lunch we split an order of mussels in white wine sauce that was to die for.

PA140489 Castello Di Amorosa

The final stop of the day was an authentic looking 13th century Tuscan castle and winery, built in 1993.  121,000 square feet includes 107 rooms on 8 levels, 4 below ground, 900 feet of caves, a draw bridge and moat, dungeon and torture chamber.  We did go inside the castle, we did not take the tour which was $35.00 and up per person.  What we saw was very limited without paying. 


The draw bridge.

Castle Winery PA140448 

Once again just walking the grounds was to cool, love the barrels.

PA140451   PA140460  PA140466    

What fun to see the farm animals running around.  Families with children were a big thing at the wineries.  Each place seemed to have something fun for the kids.   


My favorite chicken.  Love his long feathers on his feet.

It was just the best day for relaxing and fun, we took our time at each vineyard to enjoy what they had to offer.

Fun on the road.            

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