Wednesday, October 17, 2012

California Here We Come, Are We Confused

Thursday October 4th 2012

The day started a little off, I dropped an earring down the bathroom sink.  Mike thought I should just get a nose piercing and everything would just be fine.  Not going to happen, he took the drain apart and found the missing diamond earring, life is good again.  Back on the road.

Our first stop in California was Smith River National Recreation Area in Six Rivers National Forest.  Mike’s brother Owen suggested a stop here to see the rare California Pitch Plant (Daringtonia californica).  It is a carnivorous plant.

PA040328DSC_0004 Darlingtonia_californica_ne1

Can you see why the plant is sometimes called a Cobra Lilly?  The plant grows in a limited range Northern California and Southwest Oregon, in bogs with cold running water.  What a beautiful plant, we were so lucky Owen told us about this area, we would never have thought to stop and check it out.

Our next stop was Gasquet CA.  The only reason we stopped here was to see this fountain..


We stopped to take a picture and then wanted to find out more about it.  Mike asked a few people in the store next to the fountain, but nobody seemed to know anything about it, other then it had been there for ever.

Mike read about a roadside attraction called Confusion Hill in one of our travel books, and wanted to stop and check it out. 

PA050366 PA050344

Confusion Hill was built in 1949 in the Redwood Forest on Highway 101. 


Shoe House Confusion Hill 

The Redwood shoe house was a float in a parade in 1947, then moved in 1950 to Confusion Hill.

PA050354 PA050356PA050358

Gravity House.  You feel as if your standing strait, but it looks as if your at an angle.  I had to leave it made me very sick to my stomach. 

Confusion Hill CA PA050347PA050361

The Totem Pole is a chainsaw carving done in 1992, it stands over 40 feet high. 

It was just a fun place to visit and spend some time.


Bobbie and Jim said...

very neat places you times.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Wow the cobra lily is amazing!