Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wash Day!!! And Games

I set the alarm clock last night for 7:00 am., only the second time since we left MN.  Mike wanted to get the laundry done before it got to hot out.  He’s going to wash the roof of the MH today.

We have blue jobs, those are Mikes and we have pink jobs they are mine.  I thought the roof would be a blue job, but it seems it’s a purple job.  I have to fill the gallon jogs with water put them on a rope, so Mike can heft them up to rinse the soap off the roof.  I forgot to tell you laundry is a purple job.  Maybe that’s why he thinks the roof should be purple too..  After filling 9,000 gallon jogs I think the roof is done.

In the afternoon we played Mexican Train (a game with dominos) with Steve and Sandy. 


The game will have to be continued, it got dark before we finished.  Sandy Allgire is in the lead at this time.


Mike and Steve are making fire.



 We invited another couple Nora and Bill, from Wilmington Ohio, to join our fire tonight.  What a wonderful life, we meet new people just about everyday. 

The temp was in the high 80s again today, sure wish it would cool down just a little. 

According to the news Tiger Woods is in Tucson playing in a golf tournament. 

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