Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Day Spent Playing In The Snow


Steve Throwing a snowball at me.

We Spent Thursday at Mt. Lemmon Ski area just 30 miles outside of Tucson.  Not to much snow but enough for us to have a little fun.  No Skiing they had to stop that last Monday for lack of snow.  No snow is made here because of the water shortage.  The Ski area only opens after a good snow fall and when it’s gone they wait for the next snow.


The road going up the mountain, lots of switch backs. 


We rode the chair lift to the top of the mountain

9,153 feet at the top.


Sandy and I at the top of the mountain.


As you can tell from this picture not enough snow to ski.  DSC_0239





Steve and Sandy coming down the lift. 


Oh and a cat picture.  Her name is kitty and she lives and works at the ski area.  She is their mouser and chipmunk catcher.  

It was a beautiful day at the top nice and cool.  We got back to Tucson and the temps were in the high 80s.  I may spend the rest of our time in the area skiing.

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