Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bead Show In Tucson

OMG I died and went to heaven.  Beads and more beads, beads everywhere.  We went to 2 of the bead shows today.  I have never seen so many different beads, I can’t believe the talent all these people have.  We hope to get in 3 more shows Thursday, these places are just huge. Mike is having so much fun, can you imagine Mike and a million women.

Bead shopping can really make you hungry so we stopped in at a Mexican restaurant, Mariscos Chihuahua.  By far the best Mexican food we have ever eaten.  Shrimp is their specialty, but they have all kinds of seafood.  Mike had bacon and cheese wrapped shrimp and I had a shrimp stew, both were delicious.  The restaurant is located off Ajo Highway on 6th Ave.    

We are staying on BLM land again here in Tucson.  One of our favorite camping areas.  We met a retired couple originally from Germany, now living in Calgary Canada.  Gunter and Helga are our age and do tons of traveling in the US and Europe.  They invited us over last night to share their campfire.  Talked for a couple of hours.

I took this picture of what we call the Gilligan's Island people.  Just click on the picture to enlarge.


 On the left is the bathroom and shower.  Not sure I could live in a tent.  I guess I know I couldn't live this way.  I love my motor home.  

Another wonderful day. 


Jessica Szelag said...

I just stumbled upon your page and read about your amazing life style! Its always so inspiering to read about people fulfilling their dreams:)
Hope you are having lots of fun on your trips!
Regards from a Swedish "traveler" in Poland.

Jim and Bobbie said...

How do you visit 3 more bead shows in one many are there? There always seems to be at least one character at Snyder Hill. Bobbie