Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hooty the Owl And My Walk


Mike finally got a picture of Hooty.


Later that evening we were sitting at the campfire with Gunter and Helga and saw this amazing sunset. 


Pictures of our campsite on our walk. 


I love the cactus in the Tucson area of AZ. So many different types. 



On the left is a Cholla Cactus called Teddy Bear.  It may look soft from a distance but the spines are very sharp.  The Cactus on the right is a Barrel cactus.  The fruit of this cactus can be eaten.  A four year old Barrel maybe only 3 inch high and 2.5 inches in wide, and can live to be 130 years old. 


Tiny’s restaurant is just up the street from us a couple of miles.  Sure doesn’t look like much, but do they have good food.

The weather has been cool, windy and wet.  Every thing sure greens up in the desert with a little rain.

Gunter and Helga left today for Benson AZ. sure will miss them.  A very interesting couple with so many adventures and stories.  Gunter has been to the Tundra many times mining minerals, and had many stories of his adventures there.  He was shot in the leg, was rescued by helicopter, had to shoot an attacking bear on another trip.  Gunter and his companions ran out of food a week before the plane was to pick them up, but managed to fish and hunt what they needed on yet another trip.    

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