Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ones Gotta Go

After all my bead shopping, I think the MH is slightly over the weight limit.  So either Mike or the cat has to go.  What do you think?

I cleaned today, got all the dirt and dust that had accumulated the last couple of weeks.  As it turned out I just made room for more, the wind picked up today and replaced it all.   Well it was a losing day.  On top of all the dust coming in I ruined one of my favorite shirt.  I was wiping down things with bleach and got it on myself. 

Mike has been working on the brake lights on the truck for 2 days, I thought they were working fine but he had to change things around a little. 

I plan to go for a walk in the desert tomorrow, so I should get some pictures to post on the blog.  I know it is more interesting with pics.

1 comment:

Jim and Bobbie said...

Photos are not required. I love your text as you are so funny!!! Love to read your blog. I'd vote to keep Mike - he cooks!Bobbie