Friday, February 20, 2009

Tour Of The Biosphere 2

We got up early and where on the road by 9 am for the 45 minute drive to the Biosphere.  Luckily Steve and Sandy have a car we can all fit into.  Our little ranger truck is just to small for 4 people.

Here goes another Tour.



The Biosphere 2 facility is 3.14 acres, 91 feet at its highest point, 6,500 windows and 7,200,000 cubic feet of sealed glass.  It is sealed from the earth below by a 500 ton welded stainless steel liner.

Back in the early 90s they had a research project that lasted 2 years, were they had 8 people locked inside and lived without any outside food or water. 

It is now owned and operated by the University of AZ, and is used as a research and learning facility.  The Biosphere opened to the public for tours in 2002. 



Our first stop on the tour was the tropical savanna.  As you can see from the pictures above it was very humid.  The temp was about 96 degrees and you all know how I love the heat and humidity.  I was drenched by the time we left this area, and I mean drenched.  Never again.


I did much better in the desert area not so hot and humid.  Here we met 2 scientist working on a research project.  They gave a little info on what they were up to. 



Now this is way better, the ocean area.  When they built the Biosphere they trucked in 1 millions gallons of ocean water from San Diego. 



The Rainforest area, very misty but not to warm.  Some of the plants grow to over 60 feet tall.  This area was gorgeous.


The underground area were all the mechanical systems are.


A picture of Nemo.

The end of tour, if you would like to find out more about Biosphere 2 here is a link. Biosphere 2

I enjoyed learning about the Biosphere, it was just a lot to warm for me.  I like a good sauna but this one lasted 1 1/2 hours.

It was a long day, we got home and pretty much did nothing. Oh one game of gin. Mike won it is now 3-2 my favor.



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