Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Sights of Las Vegas

I have so many more pictures of Vegas that I want to share, so I will post a few more.  I can’t believe how the town has grown, so many more casinos and they are all larger then life.  If you go wear comfy shoes because all you do is walk.  I did see a few women in 4 inch heels, but they had to be on dope or are dopes.  No way would I be walking around with heels, I wore my broke in sandals. 

Broklyn Bridge New Your Casino Blue Man Vegas Strip

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Saw Blue man or is it men.             Lots of people on the strip.

P1090241  Caesars Palace P1090247

Paris Casino                                                            The front of Caesars Palace 

P1090249 P1090191 P1090193

                                                                                                                                                                          Caesars Palace

P1090199 Venetian

Mirage Casino                                        Venetian Casino  

We stopped for a glass of wine at the Irish Pub in the New York Casino.

Irish Bar in New York casino Chuck from Phoenix after crash 

The guys are Mikes new best friends.  The bar they are sitting at is self serve, you pour your own drinks and when you are done, someone adds up your tab.  Boy I would think that could be bad, the more you drink the less you car how much it will cost.  Maybe they were rich. 

One thing we did notice was not to many people in the casinos gambling, everyone was outside walking around.  Just a few people in the restaurants and the high end ones were really empty.   Easter weekend is suppose to be one of the big weekends for Vegas. 

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