Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Redwoods National Park

We are staying at the Blue Lake Casino in their parking lot, no hook-ups just free parking, that is if you don’t go into the casino and spend your money.  They did give us each $10 in house money to gamble with.  Mine was gone in less then 5 minutes and Mike still has his and more. 

The morning started out foggy going to the redwoods P1090556 kuchel Visitor Center

Of course it is raining again today and all week, nothing like driving in the clouds.  We stopped at the visitor center to get some information at what to see in the area, and while there we walk along the beach.  Loved the sign for the sneaker waves, took me a minute to get it, like usual.  There was another sign about hazard tsunami waves.  That one scared me, but no earthquakes came our way.

P1090555 DSC_0024 DSC_0009

One of the most scenic redwood areas to see is Lady Bird Johnson Grove.  Forty years ago I was thru this area of Oregon and California, and I just don’t remember the trees being this majestic.   

DSC_0033 P1090569 P1090576 

It never stopped raining which made it very nice as far as people were concerned, we were the only people in the forest.  Very quite and peaceful. 

The flower on the left is a Trillium, thousand of them in the forest.  The Trillium is part of the Lilly family.  They seem to grow in very moist areas, we have them at the lake (Big Balsam Camp and Resort) in MN in the summer.  In fact it is illegal to pick or transplant Trillium from public land in the states of Michigan, Minnesota and New York..  Okay more then you ever wanted to know about the flower.  I just had to show off some knowledge, it is one of the few flowers I know anything about.

DSC_0043 P1090568

I’m sure there are many trees larger then the ones we saw, but these were pretty impressive.

DSC_0046 Orick Calif P1090588

Drove through the town of Orick not far from the casino we are staying at.  Lots of carvings made from the burl of the redwoods. The only wildlife we ran into were some geese, and they were not happy we stopped to take their picture.  They honked until we drove away. 


sbo said...

I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)

Bobbie and Salvatore said...

We love that area! We wish we could have met up with you when you were there but glad you enjoyed. Travel safe!