Thursday, April 26, 2012

Centralia, Washington

Don’t you love the name Centralia.  In pioneer days, Centralia was the halfway stopover point for stagecoaches operating between the Columbia River and Seattle.  Another old town with history in it’s homes and buildings. 

We are staying for a few days, to have work done on the MH.  It needs a new parking brake, which is not a simple as it sounds.  We can’t just get a replacement parts, we have to have an upgrade.    

We are staying at a Moose Lodge here in Centralia for $10.00, and that is with electric and water, pretty good price.  Our first night at the Moose Lodge we had company, a very nice couple from the area, stopped by to say hi. 

Visitors at the Moose Lodge in Centralia  WA  Gary Graham

Wish I could remember their names, but they have slipped my mind at the moment..or maybe it was the wine.

Monday we did laundry and a little shopping.  Centralia has a outlet mall, Mike just loves outlet malls and shopping. 

P1090705 Mt. St. Helena Mount St. Helena Washington



Tuesday after we dropped off the MH at Brazel’s RV repair at 8am we went to Mount St. Helen’s.

According to the weather man this whole week is going to be rain.  We wanted to see Mount St. Helen’s, and as you can see it was cloudy and Rainey.  Glad we went, it was still a beautiful site. 

The repairs on the MH is a 2 day job so we had to spend the night in the MH in the shop. 

Old Parking Brake     New air pump installed   

The old braking unit and the new air pump.                                                           



Our home for 2 days and a night.  Sure felt odd sleeping inside a building, but you do what you have to. 

Brazel’s  finished up with the parking brake on Wednesday, so the MH was drivable.   They have to replacing  wheel bearing and seal  on Friday.  

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