Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Thursday April 12th

We left the MH in the casino parking lot and headed north for a day trip to Lake Tahoe.  The weather was not cooperating with us it snowed the whole trip, at times it was a white out.  It is about 80 miles around the lake with mansions  mostly on the north and west side of the lake, but a few on the south and east.  I could not believe the size of some of the homes, and they are only lived in a short time during the year.  The Godfather was filmed at a mansion on the Lake, it is privately owned and off the road, so we didn’t see it.  

Lake Tahoe is located along the border of California and Nevada, west of Carson City.  Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine lake in North America.  It’s depth is 1,645 feet making it the second deepest lake in the US. 

Our drive to Lake Tahoe P1090470 Torquoise water of Lake Tahoe

DSC_0009 DSC_0027 DSC_0028

As you can can see we had lots of snow.  Luckily this was a day trip in the truck and we didn’t have the MH.

We took a wrong turn going around the lake and ended up in Squaw Valley were the 1960 winter Olympics were held.  Really a beautiful place.  Lots of skiers on the hills. 

DSC_0033 DSC_0034 

Lunch Time South Shore Lake TahoeCave Rock East Shore Lake Tahoe

We stopped on the South Shore for lunch and we split a really tasty hamburger.

The last picture is cave road going thru the mountains.  It may not have been the nicest weather but we had a really good time. 

Leaving Carson City tomorrow and heading to Reno for one night.  Plan on staying in another casino parking lot.  For people that don’t gamble we sure spend a lot of time park at casinos.



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