Sunday, April 15, 2012

Redding California

We got a late start Saturday morning, the bedroom slide wouldn't come all the way in.  Mike had to take the bed apart to get to the slide mechanism, he worked on it for about 2 hours and got it to work, he’s not sure how but it came in. 

On the way to Redding we stopped at Lassen Volcanic National Park , no volcanoes but lots of snow.

P1090481  P1090483 P1090487

The park was not open, we could only go as far as the Ranger Station. 

We are staying two nights in Redding at Redding RV Park, at little pricy for us but very nice.  I did the laundry and cleaned the MH today.  The sun was shinning so we did spend time outside enjoying the weather, 75 today.

We are leaving Monday morning heading to Redwood National Forest on the Coast of Calif.  Hopefully the slide will work. 

Have I talked about gas prices in California, well I’m not going to. 


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