Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pawn Stars and Lights

Las Vegas

Mike and I like the show Pawn Stars, on the history channel.  They just so happen to be located in Vegas, we had to make a stop.  None of the main characters, and I really mean characters, were working.  I really wanted to meat Chumley, no body can be that dumb, he is my favorite.  What does that say about me.  That’s really not a question anyone has to answer. 

Pawn Stars Pawn Starts ro

Pawn Stars P1090257 Pawn Stars

The place is much smaller then what it looks like on TV and pretty much a dump.  Most of what they sell are t shirts, shot glasses and other garage sale junk with their pictures and name on it.  Every time we drove by there was a line to get in.  Lucky us no line when we stopped, but as we left people were lining up.

We also rode on the monorail that runs between the casinos on the strip.

riding the monirail  P1090213 P1090210

We had some beautiful views from the rails.

When the old casinos where tore down they saved the neon lights, most of them are on display downtown on Fremont Street.  I did take a few pictures, I remember all the lights but not the names of the casinos they were at.

P1090279  P1090281  P1090295

P1090302  P1090181 P1090182

The Aladdin                                                                                                                 Not a casino but I liked the sign

P1090283  P1090282

I would not have guessed they let horses in the casinos.

If you know the names of the other casinos please let me know. 

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