Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Friend for Stormy

Stormy found a new friend the other day. I had some flower pots sitting outside and this little fellow came to visit the cats. Stormy thought he was pretty cool and wanted to play. Red Squriel didn't think that was such a good idea.

Wow sure is quiet around here, only have 5 cabins filled this week, more people will be coming for labor day weekend. Really nice not being filled this week. I guess people are getting thier kids ready for school.

Mike is out fishing. He's not having much luck lately, if we had to count on him for food we would be starving. He does come in tells me about the ones that got away, you would think the lake had whales in it.

We had a pretty good storm last night rain and lots of wind. It was cloudy most of today, really nice and cool, my kind of weather.

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mrsmuck;) said...

Hi Mom & Papa

You are taking some awesome photos. I would enter a few of these in a photo contest. I bet you sit for hours just waiting to take the perfect shot;)

Love ya